Reader Kit, Freestyle Libre 2 (1 Monitor)


The FreeStyle Libre 2 is a device that is leading the way in diabetes management. By combining accuracy, frequency, longevity, lower false alarms, and affordability, it provides users with an effective and convenient tool to control and monitor their diabetes, making their lives easier and healthier. Your insurance may cover some or ALL of this purchase.



The FreeStyle Libre 2 is revolutionizing the way diabetes is managed. It carries advanced features that significantly enhance user convenience and diabetes management efficacy.

The system measures glucose levels every minute, providing five times more readings than many competing CGM devices. This empowers users with the comprehensive data they need to manage their diabetes effectively. Additionally, the FreeStyle Libre 2 system also boasts the longest-lasting self-applied sensor available on the market, with a lifespan of 14 days. This reduces the hassle of frequent sensor replacements, making the diabetes management process smoother and less intrusive.


This order contains ONE (1) Freestlye Libre 2 Sensor


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