Motif C-Section Dressing



A breathable three stage dressing system designed to protect c-section wounds and provide comfort throughout postpartum healing. Built to shield your new c-section wound from bacteria, Stage 1 promotes healing with a waterproof barrier that absorbs and locks in exudate. Stage 2 stretches naturally with your body to promote wound recovery within a healthy environment and stabilizing tension that reduces skin damage from movement.

Stage 3 helps prevent scarring of newly healed wounds and reduces the look of older scars by softening the tissue to help your body naturally heal.

These discrete dressings will help heal, protect, and restore your skin as your body recovers.

Step 1: Heal

  • Built to protect your new c-section wound.
  • Protects against bacteria.
  • Shortens duration of inflammation.
  • Is waterproof, comfortable, and breathable.

Step 2: Protect

  • Provides comfortable tension, promoting wound protection.
  • Flexible bandage allows for more mobility.
  • Moisturizing, hypoallergenic bandage keeps tissue softer.

Stage 3: Restore

  • Softens any existing scar tissue and helps prevent further scarring.
  • Aids in natural healing.
  • Help diminish existing scars.


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