Project Description

Hybrid Hot/Cold Back Brace

The Hybrid Brace is a non-narcotic/non-surgical alternative for treating patients with moderate to severe low back pain. The removable gel pack can be used as heat therapy for chronic pain and cold therapy for acute pain.
– Hot/cold gel pack can be used with or without the removable posterior panel
– Circumferential compression unloads pressure on discs to alleviate low back pain
– Allows patients to control and manage pain

L0648: Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis, Sagittal Control, With Rigid Anterior And Posterior Panels, Posterior Extends From Sacrococcygeal Junction To T-9 Vertebra, Produces Intracavitary Pressure To Reduce Load On The Intervertebral Discs, Includes Straps, Closures, May Include Padding, Shoulder Straps, Pendulous Abdomen Design, Prefabricated, Off-The-Shelf