What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is the use of light to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo. During a phototherapy treatment, the skin is exposed to a special type of light which comes from a medical device commonly known as a phototherapy unit.

Phototherapy is time tested as one of the safest and most effective treatments available for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and other skin conditions.

In fact, it is safe for almost every patient including patients who are pregnant or nursing, children, the elderly, and for those who are immunocompromised, with clearance rates of over 80% for patients with psoriasis.

Phototherapy has minimal to no side effects and are generally mild and temporary if they occur. Alternative therapies like biologic medications can have complications such as infections, immune system suppression, increased rates of lymphoma, brain infections, tuberculosis and more.

Phototherapy is FDA cleared and less expensive that other treatment options.

General Home Medical Supply offers home phototherapy units that range from hand-held and table-top devices for spot treatment of small areas to cabinet or “walk-in” units for patients requiring full body treatment.

Why Home Phototherapy?

It’s Convenient

Owning a home phototherapy unit gives the patients the highest level of freedom. Treatments can be planned around the patient’s own schedule. For this reason, studies have proven a very high rate of satisfaction and patient compliance with home phototherapy.

It’s Affordable

The one-time cost of a home unit is reasonably low and covered by Medicare and most insurance companies. Other treatments cost more than the price of the average car – EACH YEAR!

It’s Faster

For psoriasis, both Narrowband UVB and PUVA have median clearance times of only 4-5 weeks, twice as fast as Enbrel, Stelara, Humira or Remicade.

It’s Safer

Narrowband UVB is considered a first-line treatment, is safe enough for pregnant women and children to use and has none of the serious side effects associated with competing drug companies.

It’s More Effective

For decades, statistics have shown consistently high rates of psoriasis clearance and vitiligo repigmentation with Narrowband UVB. In addition, patients who stop using phototherapy seldom suffer from the flares or rebounds that are common with biologic injections.

Home Phototherapy Units

General Home Medical Supply offers home phototherapy units as a convenient, affordable, and easy treatment solution which may be used in conjunction with current treatments for patients with psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin conditions.

Hand-Held Wand for Scalp and Spots

  • Perfect for patients who travel frequently and need to take their phototherapy device with them.
  • Small enough to discreetly carry anywhere and plugs into any standard electrical outlet to never miss a treatment.
  • Ideal for treating small areas.
  • Removable comb to aid in moving the hair aside when treating the scalp.

Small Panel for Hands and Feet

  • Small, portable unit designed for the treatment of localized areas of the body.
  • 18-inch panel, hand-foot unit which can be used for the face and smaller localized areas.
  • Its high output lamps keep treatment times brief.
  • A special UV transmitting acrylic shield covers and protects the lamps and provides a clear and unobstructed surface to rest the hands on during treatments.
  • The Panel can lie flat making treatment of the hands comfortable and easy.
  • Being extremely light weight and portable, this unit is easy to move about the home or office and perfect for travel.
  • It can also be positioned vertically on its end or side for conveniently treating the face or other localized areas of the body.

Tall Panel for Full Body Treatment

  • Ideal for patients treating large areas of body surface.
  • 6 foot tall, slim design takes up very little floor space.
  • Its high output lamps keep treatment times brief.
  • Proprietary, wrap-around doors with lamps allow for full body treatment with just one turn.
  • The Panel can lie flat making treatment of the hands comfortable and easy.
  • Being extremely light weight and portable, this unit is easy to move about the home or office and perfect for travel.

Our Full Service Program

  • Easy Ordering Process

    To prescribe, you will simply need to provide us with a Doctor’s Written Order for the unit you are prescribing and 5-10 pages of relevant chart notes.  This written order takes the place of a prescription and the letter of medical necessity, to make prescribing even easier than ever!

  • Authorizations and Benefits Check

    GHMS has over 20 years of experience with insurance and Medicare reimbursement. Our insurance specialists will obtain insurance benefits, pre-authorization and work out the payment and delivery details of the purchase. GHMS will handle the order for you from start to finish.

  • Little to No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

    We charge little to no-out-of-pockets expenses to any patient using one of our contracted providers.

  • Financial Assist

    We offer financial co-pay assistance and payment plans for patients who qualify.

  • Physician Credits

    Physicians can accrue credits for every prescription and receive a free hand-held device for a patient.

  • Free Shipping

    We offer free and expedited shipping to the patient’s home at no charge.

Place an Order Today!

To place an order today, simply click the link: GHMS Home Phototherapy RX  to download and print our Physician’s Written Order Form. This is an easy to use, one page that takes the place of a prescription and a letter of medical necessity.  There is no need to write a separate letter!

Once filled out, fax the order along with 5-10 pages of relevant chart notes to 888-611-0666. Our Insurance Specialists will start the process and keep you posted every step of the way.

For more information, call us at 888-311-0666.

Fax an order today to 888-611-0666.